Business payment solutions

Stand out from your competitors, giving your
partners and customers an alternative way for easy and trusted payment solutions.


Having the flexibility to provide your clients with more payment methods helps increase sales and improve customer retention.

Adopting technology and leading the way in mobile payment solutions, you can turn a smartphone into a powerful tool.

We help you to set up an easy way to get paid while you do your business.


Reducing the time taken to process transactions and in managing your cash flow can be a huge cost-saver for overworked business owners.

In the rapid growth of technology, having the latest tech tools helps you stay competitive in your industry and adapt quickly.

We help businesses to create a secure network for virtual payments.

Cashwo your business for

Professional service

Manage your cash flow for consults and freelance services. Accept cash from your customers quickly to grow your small business with confidence.

Local business

Expand your audience travelling between your favourite events,
trade shows or markets. With a QR code and a digital wallet, you can
operate your business from anywhere and anytime.


Expand your market access and increase sales saving time for you
and your suppliers. With Cashwo your payment process is cashless to keep your overall operations efficient.

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Local cafe & bar

Focus on customer service and save time on receiving money from your customers through QR code for touch-free transactions.

Products supplier

Manage your logistics and keep up with ongoing demand changes providing short payment cycles with everyone in your supply chain.

Courier service

Receive money from customers upon delivery, directly from their user wallet to your merchant ID. With Cashwo App, your staff sees cash received instantly.

Retail shops

Make shopping at your store convenient for the local community.
With in-store payments, your customers can leave their cash and
credit cards at home.

Trade services

Accept payments from your clients for delivered services on the spot. With a real-time transaction, you see money transferred to you instantly.

E-commerce shop

Make the shopping journey easy for your customers. Integrate and accept payments online with Cashwo checkout on your website with API.

How it works

User-friendly and reliable payments on the go



Register with e-mail or mobile number with secure verification
to protect you from fraudulent transactions


Create Profile

Create a business profile using Phone number and valid ABN and receive your merchant ID and unique QR code.


Upload Funds

Upload funds from your linked bank account to pay for your supplies or start receiving money from your customers


Manage Money

View your transaction history and control cash flow using the reports feature.

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For Corporate
For Merchants


Instant Payments

real-time transaction statements to lower cost and time for enterprise payments

Unique QR code

easy merchant ID creation and no extra device add-ons to run your business easily

Point of Sale

process payments right at the point of sale instead of making customers wait

Earn and Save

access your funds at any time and earn points for a 60 days interest-free period* 

*Terms and conditions apply

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Cashflow Control

Instant access to funds and centralised reporting system

User Friendly

easy and safe to operate for any sized business for improving efficient workflow in a company




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