About Cashwo app

Cashwo is unique and a first time introduced digital wallet for Australia. We developed a cash app to simplify payments via QR codes for users and business owners.


We make your daily payments simpler

We are a team of innovators who make your daily payments simpler. Enthusiastic people with extensive experience in IT to develop the easy but secure app and lawyers to create strong compliance for our business users.


The managing team run the operation smoothly and support our customers, constantly updating the Cashwo app to make it better.


Simply download the app with intuitive signup, go through secure registration process, upload or receive funds into your wallet and use it for peer to peer money transfer. Whether you need to shop in-store, pay bills or withdraw cash to your bank account, all you need is your mobile phone. 

We have an extensive network of Australian businesses and support them with daily operation. Cashwo takes away the hassle of dealing with banks and saves you time on registering a merchant ID. Simply display your QR code at your coffee shop or market stall and instantly accept money from customers with a simple QR code scan. 

With Cashwo you don’t need cards, cash or a merchant payment machine to enjoy life and grow your business. Free download, low fees and ongoing rewards are a win-win for users and merchants.   


Transfer cash Faster, Safer, Smarter with your mobile phone and Cashwo.




It's free